The Nutcracker XC MTB Race Series 2016


Waitwith Moor Circuit, Richmond

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Date :
Sun 29th May 2016
Venue :

Waitwith Moor Circuit, Richmond

1130 - Signing on opens
1245 - Assemble outside HQ for neutralised roll-out
1300 - Both races will roll out to the circuit together, in convoy
1305 - E/1/2/3 race de-neutralised
1310 - 3 / 4 race de-neutralised
1630 - Presentation for both races at HQ
Organiser - Arthur Caygill (TEL: 01748 825469)



Richmond Road Race


What to do on Race Day?

1. Turn up AT LEAST 1 hour before your race is scheduled to start. This should give you enough time to sign-on, fettle your bike and warm up.

2. Sign on and collect your number. Pre-entered riders just need to sign against their name. Riders entering on the day will be issued with an entry form and must pay the correct fee before they will be allowed to sign on. All riders will be directed by a member of our team to ease them through the process. ALL BRITISH CYCLING MEMBERS WILL NEED THEIR RACING LICENSE WITH THEM – DON’T FORGET IT! Those who are not British Cycling full license holders will need to purchase a day-license for an additional fee.

3. Attach your race number to your jersey – LEFT HAND REAR POCKET.

4. ASSEMBLE ON THE COBBLES OUTSIDE HQ AT 12.45pm. A race official will direct you and grid you into different categories from here. Both races will roll out to the circuit together in convoy.

5. Note that the official start for the E/1/2/3 race is at the top of “Sandbeck” on the circuit itself, and the start of the 3 / 4 race will be a few minutes later at the bottom of Waitwith Bank. The short section between the HQ and the start proper is neutralized and will be controlled by motorcycle NEG and lead / commissaire vehicles. Riders will be briefed in full about the official start procedures before rolling out from the HQ.

6. Finish the race, get changed, and wait for your prize (if applicable!). Presentation will be in the HQ at 1630.

What are the Prizes?

Riders in the E/1/2/3 race will be competing for the coveted Arthur Metcalfe Memorial Trophy. Metcalfe was one of the region’s most successful cyclists, competing in his amateur days for Hartlepool CC before fighting out with the big guns in 1967 to finish 69th in the Tour De France! Some big names have won this trophy in previous years, including Alex Dowsett and Russell Downing – previous installments of this event have been a Premier Calendar event.

Riders in the 3 / 4 race will be competing for the Arthur Caygill Trophy. Arthur is the figurehead of road cycling in the Richmond area, and one of the town’s most successful racing cyclists to date.

Cash prizes for both races will be as follows:
1st: £50; 2nd: £30; 3rd: £20; 4th: £15; 5th: £10; 6th: £5
King of the Mountains: £20

The King of the Mountains prime will be at the end of lap 2 on Waitwith Bank (the main climb) for the 3 / 4 race. For the E/1/2/3 race, this will be a points competition, with primes taking place on laps 2 and 4. The prime line will be clearly marked with flags and marker paint. Note that lapping will commence from the first time through the finish line, therefore lap 2 will be the 3rd time up the climb for both races, and lap 4 will be the 5th time up the climb.


Race HQ is at St Joseph & St Francis Xavier Church Hall, 25 Victoria Road, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 4AS

The red dot on the above map marks the race HQ location. Parking is marked by the blue dot on the map. Please note that this car park is pay and display.

The Course

The event is steeped in history, being part of the oldest weekend of cycle racing in the UK – the Richmond Cyclists’ Meet, and the course hasn’t changed much in over 60 years! The following description of the course is taken from “The Fourth Annual Richmond Road Race” program, dated June 5th 1949:

“Proposed as an added item to Richmond Cyclists’ Meet and to cater for the great increase in interest for massed start, or bunched-riding, the Richmond Road Race made its debut in 1946, immediately claiming popularity with riders and spectators alike. The course, which can be said to be one of the toughest in the country, can claim to be, in miniature to the Isle of Man Circuit, for the riders are confronted with hairpin bend, stiff climbs and long descents, a circuit of exacting merit. Not unlike the same Isle of Man circuit in shape but a circuit of nine miles against the thirty seven of the Manx, the condensing of the circuit implies a stiffening of the inclines. So it is, the piece-de-resistance, Waitwith with its 1 in 6/7 starting away the long climb, is one of the major testing places on the course. These slopes make grand view points and during the first laps are thronged with spectators. Seven times do the riders make this ascent and those who energetically forge up during the preliminary circuits are often slowed before Waitwith is conquered for the last time.


Of the events, the first, which defying the views of the critics, swept the course into National headlines and Arthur Hunt of the Broad Oak deserved well his victory. Incidentally, this was to be the only time to press that a “sprint” finish has won the event. 1947 saw the rising of Bill Taylor (Barnesbury) to the front of the mass start riders and his effort, drawing away from Basil Smith (Yorkshire RC) on that last run in, set him as No.1 of the Tyneside contingent. 1947 too, saw the National Championships come to this course and again it was the tough type of roadman who came through. Victory was for Alex Taylor of Noveau Monde Sportif from Belgium but those thousands who were there will always remember the till starred effort of G. W. Thomas (Yorkshire RC). Bob Maitland of the Solihull maked his Richmond victory as decisive and that year, 1948, with the Olympics looming just ahead, Richmond was one of the major tests of the year. Maitland, one of the strongest of hill climbers and road men dominated that event and only Jack Hood of the Stockton Wheelers was good enough to stay with him. Many riders have ridden in all events on this course – Arthur Hunt has always returned but Teessiders note that Jack Hood of the “Wheelers” has always been the potential challenger from the local area.”

The 2016 edition of the event sees 2 races take to the course at the same time. Both races will be separately controlled by individual teams of officials and NEG motorcycle riders.

Lap Length: 9 miles
Number of Laps: E/1/2/3: - 6 (plus the section before the start of lap 1)
Number of Laps: 3 / 4: - 3 (plus the section before the start of lap 1)

The prime line is located at the top of Waitwith Bank. It is requested that spectators and supporters do not park on the road side close to the prime line. There is a lay-by area and an adjoining military access road just beyond the prime line that can be used for parking in order to keep the road as clear as possible.

The finish area is located approximately 0.5 miles beyond the prime line. Again, it is requested that spectators and supporters do not park on the road side close to the finish. There are significant tank-turning areas to either side of the finish that are available for parking. The finish line will be marked with a white line, as well as a tall “ALTURA” banner on either side of the road.

Feeding is recommended at the top of Waitwith Bank just beyond the prime line – there is ample parking for supporters here and riders are passing at a slow pace making it ideal for passing gels and bottles safely. RIDERS ARE REQUESTED NOT TO DROP GEL WRAPPERS IN THE ROAD. Any rider seen doing so may be instantly disqualified by the commissaires. The feed zone area will be marked with signs.

Riders are reminded of the requirement to obey the highway code and the rules of the road at all times. The race is being run in accordance with the Cycle Racing on the Highways Act 1960. That means that traffic will be passing as normal in the opposite direction. Commissaires are strictly briefed to immediately disqualify any rider who jeopardizes the safety of the race by crossing the white centre line on the road. The 3 main junctions will be controlled by official traffic management marshalls who will close the road temporarily to allow the race to safely pass in accordance with Section 16A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. Riders will be briefed in full of these details before the race rolls out from the HQ.

The race travels anti-clockwise around the circuit.

Above all – Ride Safe and enjoy yourself!

Race Location

Waitwith Moor Circuit
North Yorkshire

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